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Artefacts Conservation Services undertakes the conservation of a wide range of materials and object types (both organic and inorganic), including social history, ethnography, natural history, decorative and applied arts. 

Treatments may include cleaning, stabilisation, consolidation, repair, reintegration of detached or loose elements or replication of missing parts. Full written and photographic documentation is provided on completion of a project, including recommendations for handling, display and storage and advice for future care. 

All treatments are undertaken to the highest museum standards and in adherence to the code of professional conservation ethics.


Artefacts Conservation Services provides condition assessments and surveys of individual objects or collections, recommendations for handling, display and storage, environmental conditions and advice on future care.  


Individual condition assessments and surveys are tailored to determine and to monitor the condition or stability of an object or collection.  Detailed information, such as rates of deterioration, levels of conservation treatment required and recommendations for environmental and storage conditions are provided.   


We provide practical advice on packing for storage and transit as well producing custom-made storage boxes and enclosures of objects which are unique in size, shape and material with individual requirements. We specialise in foam template cut-outs which provide enhanced support, access and protection for objects and in particular handling collections.


We also provide practical advice and implement improvements to current storage of individual objects and collections.  All materials used are inert and conservation-approved to ensure the long-term stability of stored collections.

Please see Portfolio Page for previous Storage and Packing projects undertaken.


Artefacts Conservation Services is unique in that it can provide expertise and advice in both conservation and mountmaking for exhibition and display.  The unique combined service we provide is an advantage to determine and deliver the most appropriate mounting methods and techniques for individual artefacts or collections.  Every effort is made to ensure that all mounts are fabricated to be discreet and to fully protect and support objects. 


Mounts are designed and manufactured using a variety of materials, including brass, steel and acrylic.  Mounts are designed and made with the long-term preservation and stability of objects in mind, using inert and conservation-approved materials.

Mountmaking for exhibition and display can be undertaken both on-site from mobile workshop facilities or workshop based in Surrey.


Please see Portfolio Page for previous Mount making projects undertaken.

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