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From Iron Age to Stone Age Gallery (Bristol Museum and Art Gallery)

World Wildlife Gallery

(Bristol Museum and Art Gallery)

Staffordshire Hoard Exhibition

“Warrior Treasures” Travelling Loan Exhibition

(Stoke Potteries Museum and Art Gallery)

Voice of Nursing

Temporary Exhibition

(Royal College of Nursing)

Mount-making for Temporary Exhibitions

(London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Mount-making and installation of a Wide Variety of Objects

for Redisplay in Refurbished Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

Centenary and RFC Temporary Displays (Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum)

Mounting, Display and Installation of a Wide Range of Regimental and Military Objects for Display in New Museum Displays, including Weapons, Uniforms, Documents, Books, Medals and Ephemera (Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum)

Mount-making and Installation of Roman Artefacts for Redisplay

in Refurbished Eboracum Roman Galleries

(Yorkshire Museum)

Mounting of Social History and Metal Artefacts for Smailholm Tower

(Historic Scotland)

Mounting of Polearms,

Dumbarton Castle

(Historic Scotland)

Mounting and Installation of Pictish and Medieval Standing Stones for Re-display, St. Vigeans Museum (Historic Scotland)

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